The correct lubricant


After 50 years, including 30 with Mobil Oil and Engen, I am retiring. What I am leaving behind is available to anybody who wants it. It is free.


(1)   Textbook and ready reference book 'The correct lubricant'(2.1 Mb) and the Word version of the book for updates(3.7 Mb)

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(2)  The two-day workshop based on the textbook has a fully illustrated presentation(18 Mb)

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(3)  Links for easy access to 3049 relevant web pages which include illustrations and additional information.


All this will remain available for the time being but not forever. If you want to be safe, make your own copies.


To say lubrication is important is an understatement. The role of lubrication in reducing friction, cooling, minimising wear, improving efficiency and avoiding unplanned downtime is as critical as the design or componentry of any machinery.
Aaron Stone

Estimates show that between 2 and 4 percent of an industrialised country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is lost through friction and to mechanical parts wearing out.
Pleth Nielsen