The correct lubricant

(Textbook and ready reference)

This practical book is aimed at users of lubricants but can be used by professionals who are explaning lubricants to users or mentoring others.

Comments about the book

Jeanna Van Rensselar, Senior Feature Writer for TLT Magazine, has commented: "I had a chance to look over your book and it is an excellent entry level tribology book - very comprehensive. The editors at TLT (STLE publication) looked at it also and thought it was very good..."

Heithem Charmiti: Clear. Well done. Thx

Hussam Adeni: Great contribution by Petr.

Vladimir Martinenko: The file "The correct lubricant" is really excellent! Thanks a lot for sharing it!

Aqeel Ahmed: Awesome book for studying.

Koustuv Mohanty: Thanks immensely Petr. Very good material which can also help non-technical sales personnel.

Ken Brown: Great info and with the questions I hope some colleges will use for their students. Thanks to Petr for sharing.

Anjeeve George: Excellent. Very good information for beginners & students.

B Singh: Great work!!

Schalk Bruwer: Thanks for sharing your life with us Petr.

V.S.S. Sarma: Great work, Petr. Appreciate your selfless effort. Thanks for collating greatly useful information.

Elena Yolova, who herself is a highly skilled professional, has commented that the book is very useful for those who have not yet had specific training. "My observations on the issues which are discussed in the group show that there is a need for a book like yours, in which the foundations are exposed in brief and accessible form and can be used as a tutorial."

In my opinion, a hard copy of the book should be in every plant, mine, workshop and fleet (PV)