Petr Vavruch, Pr Eng, Ing. (Prague), spent most of his working life with Mobil Oil and its successor (due to sanctions against apartheid South Africa) Engen.

He is a senior member of engineering societies in South Africa and, during his career at Engen, was also a member of STLE – and presented two papers at STLE annual meetings.

After graduating from the Czech Technical University in Prague, he helped to design original automatic transmissions for road vehicles. In South Africa, he worked in the Chrysler car factory, designed instruments at the CSIR, and worked in the Mechanical Research Department of ESCOM.

At Mobil, Petr was a Field Engineer (Fuels & lubricants), Administrative Manager of Mobil Diesel Club and a Planning Engineer for automotive engine oils and other lubricants.

During the last 10 years at Engen, he was in charge of specifications and formulations of industrial and marine lubricating oils and specifications of base oils – also helping to solve production and field problems with these products.

Petr participated in or was in charge of a number of projects, e.g. new air compressor oils, synthetic lubricants, the universal diesel engine oil, a new range of engine oils, metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids, industrial gear oils, open gear oils, turbine oils, marine engine oils and refrigeration oils.

He is now retired, has written a textbook for technical colleges and edited a number of 'Technology' textbooks for high schools. He lectures for The South African Institute of Tribology and worked number of years part-time at the University of Cape Town helping 3rd year students with mechanical design.

Once a year, he is a moderator at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Stellenbosch.

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