Workshops: Lubrication and lubricants (automotive, industrial etc.)

Designed and presented by Petr Vavruch - these workshops were run by The South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE) during the last fifteen years

Practical lubrication and lubricants (day 1)

Everything that can fit into one day. Written for engineers but suitable for anybody who is interested. Very practical. Includes only as much theory and chemistry as is necessary to understand the essentials. Intensive but interactive. Easy access to more than 2500 useful web sites.
Practical lubrication and lubricants - information sheet

Lubricants and oil monitoring (day 2)

The second, optional, day of the above workshop. Designed to help retain the knowledge gained the first day. More fun and highly interactive. Includes also monitoring lubricants in service, oil cleanliness, water contamination, daily checks of plant equipment etc.
Lubricants and oil monitoring - information sheet

It is highly recommended that, for the best results, both workshops are attended making it a two day workshop.

Lubrication and oil sampling

A two-day workshop based on the above two workshops but modified for needs of a specific company. Thus this workshop is in-house, not public. Maximum 20 participants. One such workshop was run very successfully to train 180 artisans of a major company.

All workshops are interactive and fully illustrated.

Due to a reorganization at SAIMechE, there are no more courses (of any kind) scheduled at present.
But you can write to Petr Vavruchor phone 021-712 0935.

Outside South Africa, anywhere in the world, a combined two-day workshop can be presented for US$1000 plus the necessary moderate expenses.


Last workshops in South Africa, positively evaluated by all participants, were held in Benoni, East Rand; Gauteng; and in Newlands, Cape Town.

Some of the comments about the workshops:

André B: I found your workshop most informative and practical. I can apply a wide range of the information you shared.

Shaun dV: Thank you for the course. It was very worthwhile and probably the most informative course I have been on through SAIMechE. I encourage you to keep going and teaching the younger generation as you have a real gifting in teaching.

CJ: Very useful and interesting. Very enjoyable.

BV: Very good course!

JM: Very insightful. The presenter should give more courses! His knowledge seems endless.

JN: Very enjoyable and interesting.

JR: Very interesting course, presented very well.

VS: Excellent course. Very informative and innovating.

MH: Thank you again to the instructor/trainer with sharing his useful/helpful experience with us.

SP: Very informative course. Presenter is well versed regarding lubrication and monitoring.

MN: The course was very informative about oil analysis and it was helpful and the presenter was very good.


Individual study textbook

A ready reference guide and textbook 'The correct lubricant' based on the above workshops is at present available in PDF free of charge here.

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